Collection: Aromatherapy Floral Carved Boxes

Looking for an attractive and practical storage option? You need look no farther than our hand carved box for essential oils used in aromatherapy. This box, crafted from mango wood, is not only built to survive, but also features a distinctive grain pattern that makes it one-of-a-kind.

Dual functionality is what makes our storage box stand out. It's the ideal spot for keeping your essential oils safe and tidy, but it may also be used for storing other tiny objects like jewellery, trinkets, and cherished mementos. The flowery carving on the exterior is a lovely touch, and the hinged top and brass hardware make it simple to get to your belongings.

What's more, this box was constructed from mango wood, which has been specifically selected for its natural capacity to spread essential oils, making it the perfect container for your aromatic treasures. Simply pour a few drops of your favourite oil on the wood, and the perfume will be softly released over time, providing your room with a tranquil and pleasant aroma.

Instead of only being a practical container, our Hand Carved Aromatherapy Essential Oil Storage Box can also serve as a source of aesthetic and meditative inspiration in your house. Get yours now to start reaping aromatherapy's rewards!